The Ooho! is an edible water bubble. That’s right, a bubble…that you can eat.

A London-based start-up is successfully advertising the unique bubble as an incredible alternative to environmentally harmful plastic bottles. The Ooho! has an all natural compostable membrane which makes it both consumable and 100% biodegradable if left unused for 4-6 weeks.  The edible bubble is currently being marketed as “cheaper, faster and better” than its plastic counterpart, enticing both consumers and investors alike. The creative and informative campaign does an excellent job of making the Ooho! look like a fun, conscientious and albeit, slightly odd way to consume H2O. The sustainable water bubbles will be featured across major sporting events starting next year and we’re sure that they’ll be making a big splash. Check the Ooho! out for yourself here.

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