Building hypnotic brands from start to finish.

Elevating brands since 2013

Maverick is a brand marketing agency that partners with the unorthodox, the brave, and the fearlessly authentic. We have an insatiable appetite and unrivaled skillset for developing eye popping, heart racing, industry defining brands that break through the rest of the noise. It is with a refined sense of craftsmanship that we produce clarity, success, and envy in every project and challenge that we take on. Simply put, we’re the force behind positive, influential and compelling experiences that elevate brands to a rarified air. 

Our team is made up of tactically assembled, one-of-a-kind, supreme talent. We craft solutions for clients who want to harness the power of research, strategy and engaging and impactful creative. Our success with developing compelling and effective campaigns is rooted in our unrelenting pursuit of producing nothing short of jaw dropping. We constantly challenge ourselves individually and collectively to push the boundaries of what is possible, and to deliver brilliant creative that converts customers into loyal brand champions. 

We don’t believe in luck. To live among legends, you must outperform, outmaneuver, and always stay ahead of the curve. Our work pushes the boundaries of possibility, driving growth and unlocking opportunities for meaningful impact. Mavericks make their own luck.

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Establishing a solid foundation is fundamental to your brand’s success. We develop holistic strategies based on market research, our collective experience and sharp industry knowledge. Our strategists unearth actionable insights, formulate and present strategies that are tailored to suit our client’s individual needs, and define a brand’s unique story.


The bread to our butter, the yin to our yang, whatever you call it, design is in our DNA. Whether you’re looking for a total brand revolution or a laidback evolution, we’ll be sure to handle it with meticulous care and originality. We reimagine your visual identity and capture the spirit of your business with visionary creative strategies.


Once we’ve developed a game plan to launch your brand or accelerate your growth, it’s go time. We strategically assemble a tactical plan that ensures a connection between your brand and your audience is made. We forge experiences that captivate the attention of your market, make an impact, and provoke the right kind of response.


We design and develop unforgettable digital platforms that launch your brand into the big leagues by keeping eyeballs focused and users engaged through innovative user experiences. With a whole lot of communication, collaboration, and transparency, our web projects are known to go off without a hitch.



  • Stakeholder conversations and series of facilitated discovery sessions
  • Identification of goals, audiences and business DNA
  • Conduct primary and secondary research
  • Analyze target market, industry and competitive landscape
  • Determine risks and opportunities
  • Identify core insights and values to further explore and validate
  • Outline actions steps, methods and project roadmap


  • Review history of the brand, marketing, messaging, assets and collateral
  • Series of creative direction setting and alignment workshops
  • Develop written brand definitions, including:
    • Story
    • Problem and solution statements
    • Brand positioning statement
    • Key messaging
    • Core values
    • Brand drivers
  • Define and articulate rational and emotional benefits
  • Establish and validate brand positioning
  • Define mission, vision and core values


  • Host series of creative mood board presentations and direction-setting workshops
  • Develop visual brand definition and complete brand identity system:
    • Visual identity
    • Colours
    • Typography
    • Brand elements such as custom illustrations, graphics and treatments
    • Photography guidelines
    • Identification and design of key brand representations
  • Design of full suite of brand assets and collateral
  • Website design, development, QA and testing


  • Launch campaign strategy
  • Internal and external brand activation plans, including channel identification and media buying
  • Public relations and earned media plan
  • Performance tracking and data collection
  • Employee engagement plan
  • Design of campaign assets and collateral