An apothecary in Rotherham recently underwent a total rebrand that included graphic design, interior design, sign writing, packaging, window dressing and art direction – the dream of any creative firm. The final product is nothing short of pure creative magic. By researching every aspect of the Apothecary’s history, the project blends quirkiness with authenticity to create the most divine space. Each and every detail was executed to perfection, right down to the custom typeface that was a perfect replica of Grimm & Co’s original 19th-century owner, Graham Grimm.  The line, while originally suited for those in need of medicinal help still offers herbal ailments, only now it appeals to a new market – trolls, giants, witches, goblins, dragons and imps to name a few. The product line is incredibly wonderful with clever copy and clean design while the decor transports you to another world, one where mysterious creatures roam the streets.

If you’re interested in purchasing a potion blender or some mixed curses, check out Grimm & Co’s rebrand here.


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