July 25, 2017

The future of communication?

By Elle Toms
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While modern Bluetooth earpieces are more compact than ever, they’re still uncomfortable and let’s face it, a little dorky. Hong Kong startup Origami Labs has a unique communication solution to this problem. They’ve repackaged the earpiece as a ring that uses bone conduction to transmit audio to and from your fingertip. Similarly to how many hearing aids work, the Orii smart ring transmits sound directly to the inner ear bypassing hearing issues caused by the middle or outer ear. The Orii is worn on your index finger, vibrating with incoming calls and messages, alerting you to simply lift your hand up and touch your fingertip near your ear. Much like some of the latest Bluetooth earpieces these days, Orii supports both iPhone’s Siri and Android’s Google Assistant, meaning you can simply wave your hand up, stick your fingertip to near your ear and start talking to your voice assistant right away. I can imagine this gesture becoming an excuse for me to use voice assistant more often, mainly because this feels like a more natural way of interacting with my virtual assistant.

The video advertisement released by Origami Labs illustrates the ease and simplicity that is Orii.‘designed to become an integral part of your life, Orii paves the way for a more screen-free lifestyle while giving you instant on-the-go connection to your smart devices‘, says Orii CEO Kevin Wong. ‘Our inspiration came from my dad who has been visually impaired from a young age. he set out to develop voice and text-based technology to help others like him and is a pioneer in his field with eight patents under his name. Integrating the same technology used in hearing aids, Orii uses bone conduction to send sound discreetly to your ear, creating a device which allows freedom from screen-based interaction.’ Check out Orii here.


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