McDonalds + Uber = A Hangovers Dream

McDonalds + Uber = A Hangovers Dream

by Maverick on 07/21/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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This is not a drill, after years of pressure, McDonald’s has answered everyone’s prayers by launching a trial of a new home delivery service. The general manager of UberEats, Mathieu Proust, said of the launch: “Our technology means people can get the food they want with the speed and reliability they’ve come to expect from Uber.” Available between 7 am and 2 am, they’ve got you covered from breakfast to late night munchies. To ensure that the food stays hot and fresh, they’ll only deliver if you live within a 10km radius (aka lazy people, rejoice). Under the Uber model, customers will be able to order and pay for their food on their smartphones. Restaurants get those orders and prepare and package the food for delivery, while Uber’s contracted drivers ferry the meals under a flat fee of $4.99 per delivery, a cost borne by the end customer.

To make a good situation even better, for a limited time McDonald’s is releasing a clothing and homewares range. The range of super-cute, delish-looking clothes and homey stuff is all part of a partnership with UberEats designed to be worn and used while you’re chillin’ at home waiting for your chicken nuggets to be delivered.  “The McDelivery Collection is a fun way for us to celebrate delivery and treat some of our customers to a little surprise when they order via UberEats on the 26 July. We’ve received great feedback and seen amazing success since we launched McDelivery and we’re excited to continue offering new ways for Aussies to engage with the brand.” Unfortunately, this is only available in Australia but we’ve got high hopes it’s going to make its way to North America soon.

Restaraunt overhauls and digital efforts such as mobile order and mobile pay are the company’s top priorities over the next two years as it seeks to drive more sales transactions and lure more customer traffic into its restaurants. For more information, read on here.