How to attract Millennials

How to attract Millennials

by Maverick on 07/5/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Millennials are currently the largest generation (80 million in the U.S), making them the biggest and fasted growing marketing segment. So how do we engage Millennials and keep them coming back for more? The popular fitness and nutrition publisher LiveStrong attracts an impressive 14 million Millennials to their site every month.  How? Simply by using social media, video and authentic influencers. They also do the following (and you could too!):



Hire Millennials: They attract and hire Millennials for roles in design, development, marketing, social media and editorial. Having a culture that values Millennials’ input in our editorial, product feature prioritization and overall brand vision helps them develop content that is relevant and engaging this audience.

Are where Millennials are: LiveStrong’s brand presence extends into platforms and channels that are seen as essential to Millennials. For instance, Millennials spend 94 hours a month on apps, so LiveStrong created free MyPlate food and fitness tracker apps for both Android and iOS. Furthermore, they’ve leveraged social media platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook to reach this massive market.

Listen to Millennials and creating personal, inspirational connections:  Giving back to the community is a huge value for Millennials, so they’re much more likely to engage with companies and brands that are clearly “doing their part.” LiveStrong has made it accessible for anyone with an Android or iOS to receive healthy meal plans and recipes and fitness plans and tracking for free. Last year, they were able to track that through the app 20 million pounds were lost in the U.S which is really amazing in terms of mental and physical health promotion.

Making content useful, simple, relatable and shareable:  To address Millennials’ need for quick and healthy recipes, LiveStrong created the “Simple. Healthy. Eats” Facebook food video series which provide one-minute fun, inventive, colourful, stop-motion food videos. These videos typically gain around 4.5 million views, reaching more than 12 million people.



By integrating these guidelines, LiveStrong has created an authentic health and wellness brand that successfully attracts a large-scale, fast-growing and enthusiastic Millennial following.