Amazon and ‘Just Walk Out’ Shopping

Amazon and ‘Just Walk Out’ Shopping

by Maverick on 01/22/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Opening on January 22nd, 2018, Seattle residents can experience super quick and super convenient grocery shopping at the first ever Amazon Go store – the first supermarket with no cashiers required. Said to enhance the world’s most advanced shopping technology, customers can simply enter the store with the app, take the products they want, and ‘just walk out’ with no lines or checkout. I’d say we can safely say goodbye to traditional shopping because the future of retail is already here.

Offering everything from Amazon meal kits to locally-made bakery delicacies and from snacks to grocery essentials, Amazon Go provides similar selections to that of traditional supermarkets. However, unlike the norm, the store and its checkout-free shopping experience are only made possible by the same types of technologies used in driving cars – computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning. This system automatically detects when the customer takes or returns an item from the shelves and tracks them in a virtual cart. Once the user leaves the store, the receipt will be sent to them, with their Amazon account automatically charged. The store is not employee free of course, they have a team of associates who work in both the kitchen and the store to prep ingredients, make our ready-to-eat food, stock shelves, and help customers.

Amazon did not discuss if or when it would add more Go locations, and reiterated that it had no plans to add the technology to the larger and more complex Whole Foods stores (which they acquired last year).

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