Pawsitively Transform Pet Food Brand Perception

Pawsitively Transform Pet Food Brand Perception

by Maverick on 11/24/2023 | 2 Minute Read

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Learn how aligning pet products with evolving consumer values and preferences is paramount to staying relevant and competitive in today’s pet food market.

In the realm of pet food, the story of British Columbia-based Darford’s resurgence serves as an illuminating north star for other pet food companies looking to achieve success in a rapidly evolving market. The transformation of this legacy pet treat brand, particularly in capturing the attention of millennial consumers, holds a crucial insight that could revolutionize strategies in the consumer pet product space.

For over four decades, Darford stood as a stalwart in the pet treat industry, offering premium natural dog treats crafted with the finest local ingredients. Yet, as times changed and consumer preferences evolved, the company faced a significant challenge — the diminishing appeal of the brand among millennial pet owners, a demographic wielding substantial influence and purchasing power in the pet food market.

Dog runs outside down dirt path in sunlight.The turning point came when the company flipped the script and moved from focusing on the products’ clean ingredients to prioritizing the emotional connection the treats enabled between pets and owners. The emphasis on this cherished bond, coupled with highlighting key health benefits as proof points struck a resounding chord with millennial consumers. Beyond just revitalizing its market relevance, Darford reasserted its position as a leader in the healthy pet treat segment, expanding distribution and seeing a dramatic 40% increase in sales year-over-year.

The key takeaway for pet food companies? Move past the rational benefits of your company’s pet products and focus on the less tangible experiences that invoke an emotional response among consumers. This key insight transcends Darford’s success story — it’s about understanding and leveraging emotional connections to build product brands and marketing campaigns that remind pet parents of the one-of-a-kind bond they have with their furry friends.