Suave uncovers the power of packaging

Suave uncovers the power of packaging

by Maverick on 05/1/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Have you ever questioned the quality of a product because the price is so low that you assume that it couldn’t possibly work well? Well, you’re not alone. Unilever found that 7/10 women believe that expensive brands work better than their inexpensive counterparts. With this in mind, hair and beauty giant Suave decided it was time to refute this belief by going undercover. Armed with attractive, simplistic design and their classic product, Suave developed a chic brand haircare line called “evaus.” They then sent the rebranded product to some discerning skeptics (millennial beauty influencers) and invited them to reveal their honest opinions about “evaus” a few weeks later.

The result? Nothing but gushing, positive reviews.

While a cheeky trick to play on the unknowing beauty influencers, this clever marketing tactic uncovered a very real consumer bias that exists regarding packaging, pricing and perceived quality. It’s clear that consumers are highly influenced by attractive packaging and higher prices, even though the haircare line was able to highlight the fact that a good product is a good product regardless of how it’s branded.  View Suave’s thought provoking example of bait and switch advertising here!