Pinterest releases first marketing campaign

Pinterest releases first marketing campaign

by Maverick on 07/7/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Pinterest is a place where people plan things, thus making us more receptive to brand messages than perhaps on other social platforms. Users are actively choosing and hunting for products, ideas and messaging. This is critical when you think about the fact that it’s a platform based on discovery and that people use the site when they’re in an open mindset, ready to learn and become inspired.  Users go to Pinterest with the intention of finding something new. The incredible part is that the vast majority of content on Pinterest comes from real businesses, brands and partners. Because there isn’t a user-generated component on the platform, people aren’t here to learn about what they’re friends are doing – they’re there to plan some aspect of their life, whether that be dinner or the remodelling of their home. This is an incredible opportunity for business because people are planning their lives through content that brands actually produce.

84% of people on Pinterest say it helps them learn new things, and 70% of people search, save or click through on Pins to learn more.  One major barrier to trying new things, especially for women is that voice in your head that makes you doubt yourself, which is why Pinterest’s first ad campaign is all about putting self-doubt in its place and owning the best-case scenario. They’re planning on bringing possibilities to life through two simple words: “What if.” The campaign revolves around that idea of people using Pinterest as a way to discover and become inspired to accomplish something, whether that means getting a new tattoo, trying out that new hairstyle, dance move, dessert combo, and on and on. It’s not the kind of ad campaign that grabs you by the collar and screams “PINTEREST!” in your face, but does effectively–and stylishly–illustrate just why so many people love it.

So as a business, don’t forget that Pinterest is an incredible avenue for marketing your brand. View the campaign here.