Have a gaze at these PSA’s

Have a gaze at these PSA’s

by Maverick on 07/9/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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It’s not very often we’re graced with a genuinely enjoyable and provocative public service announcement these days, but when a PSA ad is truly good, it’s great. Hidden behind all of the following advertisements are messages meant to be broadcasted to the public as a whole, and are generally attempting to simply make the world a better place through population-wide awareness of a cause. Here are 5 PSA’s that get the job done well.


AV-OG-TIL – Dock Like a Boss

RSA Ireland – Don’t Look Back

Testicular Cancer Canada – No One’s Going to Check Them for You

Volkswagen – Eyes on the Road


Healthcare.gov – Between Two Ferns (President Barack Obama)