Keep up or fall behind

Keep up or fall behind

by Maverick on 07/13/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Today Nike Australia has announced the launch of its new brand campaign, which focuses on ‘No Turning Back’ moments in sport. The campaign calls on youth to play like there is ‘No Turning Back’ and celebrate the joy and creativity of playing sports. The campaign is about reawakening the spirit of being an athlete, to play like there’s nothing to lose and to embrace a “Just Do It” attitude. The advertisements showcase athletes undertaking seemingly impossible challenges that they have no choice but to take on. Using powerhouse athletes and sporting legends, the campaign inspires young athletes to release their inner competitive spirit.

One video showcases a newbie marathoner stepping up to the head of the pack and handcuffing herself to a running champion

Australian rugby player makes mischief in a museum in order to summon an army of security

A young soccer player deposits his dad’s shiny sports car in a junkyard crusher- its destruction inevitable unless he hits the stop button with his football

Aussie distance runner Gen Lacaze drives miles away to ditch her car off a cliff- so she has no choice but to run back home


At the end of each ad the athletes’ ballsy moves are followed by “keep up or fall behind” but the last two words get scratched out, making way for the “Just Do It” tagline.