The Greatest Outdoor Show Ads on Earth

The Greatest Outdoor Show Ads on Earth

by Maverick on 06/22/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Every Calgarian you will ever encounter should know whole-heartedly that nothing on Earth quite compares to the Calgary Stampede. Simply mentioning the word ‘Stampede’ evokes laughter, nostalgia, and a sudden craving for donuts of the miniature variety.

There has truly been something for everyone, of every age and interest, at all one-hundred and two of the past annual exhibitions with the upcoming one-hundred and third sure to be no different. The Calgary Stampede organization has brilliantly used this insight to craft awe-inspiring advertising strategies such as the ’We’re greatest together’ campaign which encouraged our city through the floods of 2013.

Feel the feels and get stoked for Stampede 2015 by watching one, or all, of our five absolute favourite Calgary Stampede ads from the past one-hundred and two years.