Video Marketing

Video Marketing

by Maverick on 06/20/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Video marketing is the new trend all marketers are looking to incorporate these days. This method involves brands sharing their content through organic or curated videos instead of traditional imagery and text forms, with the hopes of making their message go viral. While the trend began a few years ago, the number of brands using this form of communication continues to drastically grow.

This new take on sharing content can be a very successful tool to evoke more emotion, in turn causing deep-rooted memorable experiences which captivate audiences. The success of this trend may be attributed to the predisposition individuals have to videos over the text form. Reading requires you to take the time and be in the right state-of-mind to understand what is being shared with you, while a video merely requires your eyes and ears. It is much easier to quickly watch a 2-5 minute video than it is to sit down and dedicate triple the time to digest a lengthy article. It’s also a more personable form to address your audience, which makes it easier for the individual to connect to your brand message and values.

The trend is growing all throughout social media platforms, most notably with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the growing use of Snapchat by savvy marketers.

When it comes to grabbing attention, video marketing should be fun, captivating, and entertaining. Video marketing provides a huge advantage for marketers sharing complex ideas and solutions that would be much harder and less engaging through basic text.

Thinking about incorporating video marketing? Here are some examples of successful video marketing that may motivate you start.

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