The Value of Social Media

The Value of Social Media

by Maverick on 06/13/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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I recently read a new article about why social media matters as a business tool. At first I thought, “well that seems very obvious,” however, I soon realized that exact response was my own millennial mind at work. It did get me thinking, though; even though it may seem like an obvious tool to some, many businesses are either too intimidated or simply fail to see the value social media can bring to the marketing table.

So, I’m here to tell you to wake up and see social media as the unbelievably powerful tool that it is. By implementing social media as a tool for your business and marketing strategy, you can see marked results and reach audiences your brand would otherwise never see!

It all goes back to audience engagement: if you want to better engage your audiences – and this includes customers, employees, and business partners, – you must place yourself in their interactive worlds. Today, more often than not, that requires interacting with them on social media. Here is a quick breakdown on the business value of social media:

Gain valuable and honest insights: Information sharing is a pillar of the internet. While you may need to filter out some “trolls”, you can get very honest opinions about your company, product, or service from real customers by interacting with them on your social media platforms.

Stay relevant: By participating in social media you are constantly accessible to your audience. The more active you are, the more presence you have in the lives and minds of your followers. This is particularly influential in the ‘need-identification’ and ‘decision-making’ phases of the user-purchase process.

Engage more meaningfully: People want to see an interactive and connective aspect to your company. We know the days of one-way communication are long gone, and through social media you can encourage multidirectional conversations. Customers want to feel heard, what better way to demonstrate you are listening than by engaging in direct interactions with them?

Save Money: Implementing a social media strategy isn’t free. However, it requires substantially lower financial investment to implement than traditional marketing methods.

So, while some companies may take a “why bother” approach towards social media, and others may be hesitant about how to begin, it certainly doesn’t mean it wont add substantial worth to your business.

Just remember that much like other, more traditional marketing efforts, it’s important to act strategically and stay organized. Social media can be fun, but if you are using it as a business tool, the platform is meant to enhance your image and brand message. Doing it wrong can have the opposite effects with your audience. Staying informed about relevant trends and finding the best approach methods which fit your company is a proven best way to get started!