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Maverick is Canada’s premiere full-service, strategy-driven, Marketing Agency

We’ve partnered with global brands in every imaginable industry to bring their brand and marketing initiatives to bold new heights. Here are just a few ways we can support:

  • Strategic Branding
  • Creative Design
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand Strategy and Development
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Digital Marketing


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At Maverick, we craft industry-defining creative for those seeking eye-popping, jaw-dropping, breathtakingly beautiful results. From research and branding to campaigns and content, we’ll push the boundaries of possibility to help you unlock opportunities for exponential growth and industry domination.

WHAT CAN OUR Marketing Agency DO FOR YOU?

We’re redefining the client-agency relationship. We don’t want to just be a service provider, but a trusted advisor and strategic ally in helping you achieve sustainable growth and success. Partnering with us includes:

  • Collaborative partnership
  • Vested interest
  • Deeper understanding of what makes you, you
  • Tailored marketing strategies and solutions
  • Open communication
  • Adaptability & flexibility
Research Capabilities

Research Capabilities

Harness the power of actionable insights and data that will help inform strategy, brand, campaign, as well as marketing decisions with our in-house research skills.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Offering tailored strategies, insights, and guidance to greatly enhance your brand awareness, customer engagement, and overall business growth.

Brand Identity Development

Brand Identity Development

Whether you’re looking to rebrand a relic or on the hunt for a new identity, we’ll be sure to handle your brand with the care and originality it deserves.

Creative Copywriting

Creative Copywriting

Ensure your messaging is clear, compelling, authentic, and tailored to your target audience, while enhancing brand credibility, engagement, and advocacy.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

We’ll put your brand in the spotlight by selecting the right channels, crafting creative that engages the senses, and executing with a level of precision you’d expect from a surgeon.

Creative Execution

Creative Execution

Let us take care of designing killer creative that ignites industry-defining, heart-racing, ground-breaking results while captivating your audiences. Enough said.

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Your online platform is one of the most important extensions of your brand. Keep eyes focused and users engaged with a website that combines innovative functionality with stellar design.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Your digital ecosystem needn’t be a dark and scary place. Let our digital creative pioneers help shape the right environment to keep your precious customers intensely engaged.


Consumer Packaged Goods
Alcohol Beverage
Professional Services
Consumer Packaged Goods
Alcohol Beverage
Professional Services

Energy Safety Canada

We partnered with the powerhouse not-for-profit Energy Safety Canada (ESC) to strategically evolve their brand platform, including their primary brand, subsidiary brands, and their benchmark course. Using extensive insights and positioning, we built a holistic visual identity and suite of brand assets that enables the organization to resonate with external stakeholders and create alignment among internal team members. The resulting brand is inclusive and engaging, helping ESC elevate its communications in order to most effectively support employers and workers in the energy industry.

Darford Dog Treats

Building a strategically evolved brand platform from scratch, we set the stage for Darford’s continued success. Creating an emotional appeal and bridging that human-centric connection, we effectively highlighted how Darford fits alongside both pet and owner and enhances the moments between them. The new brand platform amplified the impact of all future initiatives, and added value by providing absolute brand clarity, strong differentiation and distinction.

Stampede Rye Whisky

Once equipped with a strategically developed brand, Eau Claire Distillery was positioned to achieve great success in the market with the launch of its Stampede Rye Whisky. We developed and designed the greatest rye whisky on earth, complete with a new visual identity that amplified the impact of all future initiatives. We created brand clarity, strong differentiation and distinction, showcased through a stunning online platform, with expanded strategy, commerce capability, product photography and brand video.

Lawson Collab

We teamed up with a passionate group of psychologists and psychiatrists looking to transform mental health care in Calgary and beyond. Our task was to name and develop a brand reflective of a collaborative practice intentionally designed to prioritize client comfort. After landing on the name Lawson Collab (a nod to the founding partners), we designed a wordmark and visual identity that emotes and breathes. The resulting brand assets and website represent a space where clients can come as they are and feel safe letting their guard down. A space where people are invited to be present, share openly, and be heard.


  • Glenbow
  • BP
  • Beam Suntory
  • Energy Safety Canada
  • Chalkboard Publishing
  • Hulkamania
  • Hello Fresh
  • Edo Japan
  • Chefs Plate
  • Rubicon
  • Careers in Energy

You guys f***ing nailed it! - no BS - I cried. Just a rush of emotions... Thank you for getting me, for getting us.


These guys are the best in the business. They are highly responsive and engaged with their clients, they provide excellent value, and really know what they are doing.


The team at Maverick are very responsive, go above and beyond and are able to bring creative solutions to the table in tight deadline situations. I know I can count on Maverick to help us reach our audience.


My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Maverick. Our brand feels connected and represents how we want to be seen in the community.


11/10 would work with them again.


Maverick has been the creative content provider for The Roundup MusicFest and Oxford STOMP events for over 10 years. They exceed our expectations each year, and deliver exceptional work and results.


Here’s how we work with you to make sure your marketing and branding initiatives are industry-leading.



We believe that a successful partnership truly begins with a comprehensive insight acquisition phase. This is where we dive deep into your needs and goals, identify key interest holders and target audiences, and align on what success looks like.



Establishing a solid foundation is fundamental to your brand’s success. At Maverick, we develop holistic strategies informed by market research and an in-depth discovery process. In conversation with your team, our strategists unearth actionable insights and craft tailored brand plans and marketing strategies to tell your business’ unique story.



Whether you’re looking for a total brand evolution or a specific marketing asset, we’ll bring the spirit of your business to life through visionary creative. From visual identity design and websites to marketing collateral and multi-channel campaigns, we craft brand experiences that not only resonate with your target audiences, but inspire them to take action.



Once we’ve defined a game plan to launch your brand into orbit or accelerate your growth, it’s go-time. This is when we assemble and execute dialed marketing tactics that connect your business with its target audiences. This means deploying creative across channels to captivate attention and track response.