How is Kool-Aid maintaining its popularity?

How is Kool-Aid maintaining its popularity?

by Maverick on 07/28/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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We’ve all heard of Kool-Aid, you drank it, I drank it, the smiling pitcher mascot is basically a summer icon.  It’s fruity, fun and affordable. But how has the 90-year-old drink maintained its popularity? The son of a pharmacist, Edwin Perkins invented the drink powder in 1927, putting it on the market the following year. Kool-Aid’s low cost allowed it to flourish during the Great Depression; R&D innovations like Jammers have kept it current with changing tastes; the Kool-Aid stand has remained an entrepreneurial venture popular with kids everywhere. The reasons for that go beyond the predictable attributes of tarty flavours and trippy colours. Kool-Aid has plenty of competition in the beverage aisle nowadays, but it’s hard to beat its value: A single packet (priced as low as 29 cents) makes two quarts of the drink, making Kool-Aid an obvious choice for budget-conscious families. But the most important ingredient in Kool-Aid’s longevity is probably its mascot, a smiling pitcher that debuted in 1954 and, by the 1970s, had morphed into a character that burst through the wall yelling “Oh, Yeaahh!” whenever thirsty kids summoned him.

What’s next for the Kool-Aid Man? In a new campaign from agency Saatchi & Saatchi and VSA Partners, the character is seen as a giant every-jug, going about everyday activities. In addition to getting a CGI makeover, KAM will also be getting the requisite Facebook page for maximum interactivity and the brand will launch a Kool-Aid Man PhotoBomb mobile app.

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