August 18, 2015

“F*ck that: a guided meditation” video for vulgar relaxation

By The Tone Ranger
Funny, Hilarious, Motivation, Video

For all those times the client tells you “I’ll know it when I see it.”

For when your coworker ate the last Nutrigrain Cranberry bar even though you obviously had dibs.

For when you spill a venti iced macchiato all over your keyboard and slacks.

F*ck that: a guided meditation is a hilariously crass relaxation video featuring a calming beach scene and an audio soundtrack filled with enough swear-jar submissions to finance an office trip to Cabo. Written, directed, and produced by multi-media comedian Jason Headley, this 2 minute video is perfect for keeping calm and dealing with all the bullsh*t in your life.



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