How Crayola remains relevant in digital world

How Crayola remains relevant in digital world

by Maverick on 09/12/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Adult coloring books, collaborations,  an app and so much more. By the time the average kid turns 10, he or she will have colored their way through 720 crayons—and since Crayola has 80 percent of the market, it’s a good bet they’re the name on most of the wrappers. As you might have already guessed, Crayola makes a lot of crayons: 650 a minute and 3 billion a year. And this month, as 50 million kids head back to school, the brand will undoubtedly be found in most backpacks. If you think about it, it’s sort of a small miracle that crayons are still around at all. The kids of today are glued to their iPad’s and laptops, aren’t they? Well, Crayola has given its century-old product a contemporary relevance—most recently with Color Alive, which lets kids color cartoons, scan them, then watch as an app animates them.

Additionally, the coloring brand also led the adult coloring book craze with its Crayola Color Escapes. Even in this digital age, kids and adults still enjoy the fun, relaxing experience of putting crayon to paper. With the exception of introducing new colors with suitably avant-garde names (Scream Green and Razzmatazz are part of the present lineup) not a whole lot has changed about crayons—mainly because nothing has to.

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