Adapt or Die: The New Reality for Brands Today

Adapt or Die: The New Reality for Brands Today

by Maverick on 06/10/2019 | 2 Minute Read


Change can be scary, but at times completely necessary. When it comes to your brand, how do you know when to evolve or even rebrand?

AJ Argwal’s feature “How to know if it’s time to rebrand and how to begin doing so” in Forbes Magazine, tackles this exact topic.  The article provides some worthy advice on how to realize when you are in need of some brand revival.

Argwall says quite simply that rebrands are typically warranted when your ideas are stale, your sales are flat, or when significant change regarding key messaging, strategy, and audience has occurred. This is the perfect time to bring new inspiration and flavour to the business!

There are two routes you can take;  a partial or a full rebrand. Partial is a rather common occurrence in the span of a businesses lifetime, and merely evolves how the company is perceived by its audience. A full rebrand, on the other hand, is a substantial task – and sometimes can feel closer to starting an entirely new business altogether. This might involve changing the name and maybe even business operations and objectives.  

Whichever route you take, it is important to note that it will require extremely careful planning and strategic expertise.

Is your brand outdated and in need of some revitalization?

View AJ Argwal’s full article here to learn more, or drop us a line to chat about the Maverick branding approach.