9 Ways Tim Cook Has Transformed Apple

9 Ways Tim Cook Has Transformed Apple

by Maverick on 08/19/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Apple is synonymous with Steve Jobs in many minds, but the real hero of the company has been hard at work since 2011.

While Steve no doubt revolutionized the technology world with the Apple brand, CEO Tim Cook is interested in pushing the boundaries even further. Since his appointment 5 years ago, Cook has tripled the Apple revenue stream by putting products in the hands of more than a billion people. His methods may not be the most traditional, but the man in charge realizes times are changing. Apple can either ride the wave or set the tsunami in motion. Both paths have their risks, but playing it safe is no way to win. Just ask Nokia.

How does Tim Cook plan on staying ahead of the waves breaking behind him though? First, Apple is nearly independent when it comes to their tech that matters. The company designs their own chips and sensors, allowing much more control when it comes to the company’s goals. But it’s not just devices the company offers; Apple generates some 12% annual revenue through its digital services (iCloud, Apple Pay, AppleCare, etc). Add that to the fact that the Apple Store is, in itself, a prime marketing platform and the potential for more growth is blatant.

What really cements Apple into the public conscious however, is their aesthetic. Long known for its taste in presentation, Apple is continuing to pursue improved industrial design under Cook. Accessories (think: Apple watch), are advertised as just that, not technical jibber jabber. Simplicity is at the core of Cook’s vision, because simplicity means integration comes easier. As Cook has said himself,

“Our strategy is to help you in every part of your life that we can. I want Apple to be here, you know, forever.”

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