This just in: Millennials hate apps with uncool design

This just in: Millennials hate apps with uncool design

by Maverick on 08/24/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Millennials are killing off apps with uncool design at a breakneck pace, location reigns supreme when it comes to app usage and Snapchat is closing in on Instagram.

According to Comscore’s annual mobile app report, logos matter and apps will be deleted if millennials don’t like how it looks on their screen. About 21% of these millennials eliminated apps from their phones this year while Generation X was more forgiving, with only 2% removing apps that had a design that didn’t appeal to them. Millennials identify closely with their smartphones, and nearly every aspect of their lives is integrated with it. For that reason, the apps on their phone represent who they are. Even if an app serves a practical need or purpose, many Millennials don’t want it on their phone if they don’t like the way it looks and represents them. When it comes to usage by 18-to-24-year-olds, Snapchat is ranked third, sitting behind Facebook (No.2) and YouTube (No. 1), and Instagram ranking fifth. All of which boast clean, simple, user-friendly design and appeal.

Something to think about in the creative process of app development.

Other factoids from Adage:

– Digital media usage time is driven by smartphone apps, with apps accounting for 87% of all time spent on mobile devices. The mobile web accounted for the remaining 13% and both figures are unchanged from last year, Comscore states.

– Consumers reported a wide variety of apps when asked what app they considered their “hidden gem.” Flipboard, The Score, Telegram, goodreads, Wattpad and ibotta were among the many apps that fell in this category.

– The open mobile web dominates apps when it comes to reach, but it’s unclear for how much longer that will be the case. A comparison of the top 500 apps versus the top 500 mobile websites shows that open mobile web has audiences nearly 2.2-times the size of apps, according to ComScore, but that figure is down from last year, when it was 3-times larger.

– A majority share of smartphone users don’t download any apps in a month, and the average user downloads two. Meanwhile, millennials still have a lot of excitement for new apps, but older smartphone users do not match millennials’ level of interest.

– The majority of app users access 20 or fewer apps each month, but younger users are much more likely to exceed that. Forty-four percent of millennials said they access 40 apps or more each month.

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