What do Delta and Tinder have in common?

What do Delta and Tinder have in common?

by Maverick on 08/9/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Delta has paired with Tinder to create a “Dating Wall” in Brooklyn, NYC. The airline commissioned a media group to paint exotic locales where singles are able to snap selfies to appear as world travelers. The photos on the wall, surrounded by cute illustrations by Andrew Rae, feature Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Zurich. And while the selfie-takers might not have the cash to actually fly there, the work does celebrate the fact that Delta flies to the most destinations of any airline from NYC. The tagline reads “world travelers are more likely to be swiped right” and “until you take the trip, we’ll help you fake the trip with these backdrops.”

According to AdWeek,  the campaign was inspired by how prominent travel pics are on dating profiles. The agency also uncovered the following interesting tidbits through research:

• 62 percent of men and 74 percent of women want a partner who shares their travel interests
• 1 in 2 singles say traveling is one of their favorite things to do
• 1 in 2 singles say traveling to a new city to meet a date would be exciting
• 1 in 3 singles ranked travel as a top priority in 2017
• 57 percent of singles take 1+ vacations year
• 1 in 3 singles try to go somewhere different for vacation every time they travel

The #DeltaDatingWall will be up throughout the summer. On June 17, Delta, in partnership with Tinder held a singles-centric event where you could actually get a proper photo taken next to the wall by a professional photographer. Check out the full article here.