Nike celebrates athleticism and pride in their latest striking and poetic ad. The advertisement is apart of Nikes latest campaign that features a larger commitment to be inclusive with an “equality” initiative. A brand executive recently stated, “equality is about Nike raising its voice and using the power of sport to stand up for the value of equality and to inspire people to take action in their communities.” The brand successfully embraces a more inclusive tone while acknowledging the difficult, exhausting yet passionate experience all athletes encounter. Nikes recent advertisement shows Maldonado, a famed Vogue dancer practicing, training and performing by herself and others, while an emotional narration asks questions like “what did you do to make a mark on this world? what mountains did you climb?” as she describes her journey as a dancer. The use of slow-motion shots highlight the precision of Maldonado’s incredible vogue dancing and her use of Precious Angel Ramirez’s poetic voice over makes for a stunning, overwhelmingly emotional experience.

This campaign is a perfect example of supporting your brand and your product while giving a subtle nod to greater social issues.  Take a look for yourself here.

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