Adidas has collaborated with Munich-based biotech company AMSilk as a part of their forward-looking Futurecraft line to create products that have a positive impact on the world.

Adidas has developed a pair kicks that are woven from Biosteel fibre, a material designed to replicate spider silk. This technological ‘biomimicry’ of our 8 legged friends natural fibres are fermented and converted into a white powder where it’s then rolled out for a number of uses (such as a medical mesh and in implants). A newer focus is on textiles, which is where Adidas comes in. The material is lighter than other synthetic materials and is supposedly quite strong, which of course is ideal for an athletic shoe. It’s also, most importantly, 100 % biodegradable.  This design is an attempt to reach the next level of sustainability, moving beyond recycled material to a human-created material that can go back into the Earth. We’re loving this move towards companies that are doing their part in sustainability and outreach, kudos Adidas. I’m sold.

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