What’s cool in 2017?

What’s cool in 2017?

by Maverick on 06/7/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Here it is folks, the logo trends of 2017.

It appears as though as designers, we’re burning through ideas rapidly, and we’re learning that there’s a cap to all of this— there are a limited number of ideas out there, which is why we see things that peaked ten years ago coming back, just with a fresh coat of paint. Looking through LogoLounge’s list, it’s clear that this year’s trends aren’t so much a revelation rather a continuation or evolution of existing ideas.

  1. Shadow Breaks – Shaking up the status quo is always worth a second consumer glance.
  2. Fades – Watch these marks, as they seem to rise out of a deep fog to expose themselves to the public.
  3. Rising Colour – Rising colour is a subtle approach to the separation of layers or depth in a logo.
  4. Simplicity – These marks remind me a bit of natural food products that suggest you best avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  5. Simple Overlays – These logos cast aside any pretence of overachievement and completely rely on a simple geometric message.
  6. MultiCentric – The true heart of this trend is the impact of multiples on each other.
  7. Ellipses – Communicates that you are holding the floor while others await your words with riveted anticipation
  8. Text Boxes – This reminds of highlighting the important part a textbook,  directing the eye as it enunciates, “this is the important part”.
  9. Yin Yang – As happens from time to time, a resurgence in the popularity of a motif will resurface with a vengeance.
  10. Pasta Bends – Apparently virtual reality has taken off, and the race to create the best mind-blowing experience without leaving a tether is on.
  11. Wrapped – The buried image sort of indicates part of the process that defines the product. Very mysterious.
  12. Micro Lines – Scale can definitely fight these marks, but managed properly, it may be worth breaking a rule or two.
  13. Doubles – Bringing two elements or concepts together with this simple language can signify strength of unity or compounding of capabilities.
  14. Wings – There’s a great deal of symbolism here for such tight quarters.
  15. Colour Split – Besides being a great place for birds to perch, there’s just not a lot of space to do much of anything on a line.. so add colour.

Need more information? Check out LogoLounges list here.