10 Myths About Graphic Design

10 Myths About Graphic Design

by Maverick on 07/29/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Graphic design.

It’s a profession that’s as misunderstood as a vector file. For those in the know, the graphic design game is fast-paced and full of talent, but it’s not magic. Practice, practice, and a little bit of colour theory can go a long way, but to those on the outside, a graphic designer may as well be Harry Potter’s younger brother that went to art school. No one knows what or how he does anything, but the family Christmas cards sure looked good this year!

It’s not like it’s a muggles fault they don’t know any better though. If you don’t live that life, how can you ever expect to understand it? That’s why all the designers climbed into their collective hive mind beds, where creatives from around the globe share their sorcery that muggles can hardly comprehend, and came up with the following list of illusions the industry is famous for.